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Well Drilling in Millstadt, IL

There’s no better team to handle your water delivery and purification needs than Quality Water in Red Bud, IL. From your well pump and pressure tank to water treatment and softener systems, each piece of equipment needs regular maintenance and care from experienced professionals. We’ll ensure your water systems are running smoothly and efficiently so you always have access to high-quality water in Red Bud, IL, Waterloo, IL and surrounding areas. All Quality Water products have a 5 year warranty on the submersible pumps and pressure tanks and a labor and workmanship warranty of 1 year.

A shower head running after well drilling in Millstadt, IL

Well Pumps & Pressure Tanks

A working well pump ensures you have a constant supply of water and consistent water pressure in your home. Our team will perform any inspection and maintenance services you need to keep your well pump running. If you notice any loss in pressure, our technicians will find the source of the problem and complete the needed repairs to keep your pump and pressure tank running efficiently. Whether it’s due to the pump, pressure tank, or some other part of the water treatment system, we’ll resolve the issue quickly. 

Efficient Water Softener Systems

Eliminate mineral buildup with a professionally installed water softening system. Quality Water carries the latest technology in water treatment systems and will install an efficient, long-lasting water softener that maintains the quality of your water. If your current system needs a repair or service work, our technicians will get it running at its best again.

Water pump maintenance being performed in Waterloo, IL
purified water

Reliable Water Purification

Filter contaminants from your water before you drink or use it for anything in your home. We carry the best water filtration systems on the market. Whether you want to upgrade your water purification system or just need to have the filter changed, contact our team for fast, reliable service for your water treatment system.

Oxy Blast System

A unique water treatment and purification system designed to remove iron and sulfur, Oxy Blast is designed for residential, commercial, and agricultural use. Unlike filtered systems, Oxy Blast uses hydrogen peroxide to clear water contaminants and provide better tasting, healthier water. 

Sulfur Free Water

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